Here you will find all Crosswords Clues.

"The Red House Mystery" author 40
Creator of the Hundred Acre Wood 32
"When We Were Very Young" poet 40
"Now We Are Six" poet 31
"Mr. Pim Passes By" playwright 40
Writer who wrote "A bear, however hard he tries, / Grows tubby without exercise" 90
Writer who had H.G. Wells for a schoolteacher 45
Writer about a bear 19
Pooh creator's signature 28
Owl's creator 17
Kid-lit byline 14
His last novel was "Chloe Marr," 1946 47
He wrote "You and I have brains. The others have fluff" 65
He wrote "Now We Are Six" 35
He gave us Pooh 15
Eeyore creator 14
Creator of Pooh 15
Creator of Forbes' "most valuable fictional character" 68
Creator of Eeyore 17
Creator of a bear market? 25
Children's author who was a regular contributor to Punch 60
Children's author trying to dry out? 40
Big name in kiddie lit 22
Author taught by HG Wells 25
Author of the poem "Teddy Bear" 41
Author of "Toad of Toad Hall" 39
Assume the part of 18
"Winnie the Pooh" writer 34
"The Red House Mystery" novelist 42
"The Great Broxopp" playwright, 1921 46
"The Dover Road" playwright 37
"The Dormouse and the Doctor" poet 44
"Isn't it funny / How a bear likes honey?" writer 63
"House at Pooh Corner" author 39
''Mr. Pim Passes By'' playwright 48
Cable channel 13
Cable choice 12
Home to "Storage Wars" 32
"Storage Wars" network 32
Owner of The History Channel 28
"Duck Dynasty" network 32
"Dog the Bounty Hunter" airer 39
"Biography" network 29
"Biography" channel 29
''Biography'' network 37
Home of ''Biography'' 37
History Channel owner 21
"Hoarders" channel 28
"Hoarders" airer 26
"Gene Simmons Family Jewels" channel 46
"Flip This House" airer 33
"Duck Dynasty" airer 30
"Criss Angel: Mindfreak" network 42
"Cold Case Files" carrier 35
Where to see "The Sopranos" nowadays 46
The Biography Channel parent 28
Storage Wars airer 18
Sister of the Biography Channel 31
Network with a bounty hunter 28
Home to "Biography" 29
Home of "Biography" 29
FYI owner 9
Former "Biography" channel 36
Cable network that airs "Criss Angel: Mindfreak" 58
Cable network specializing in "real life" shows 57
Bravo rival, briefly 20
Bravo alternative 17
Biography Channel owner 23
"The Two Coreys" channel 34
"The First 48" airer 30
"The Cleaner" channel 31
"Parking Wars" cable channel 38
"Panic 911" airer 27
"King of Cars" airer 30
"Intervention" network 32
"Intervention" airer 30
"Hoarders" network 28
"Flip This House" network 35
"Duck Dynasty" channel 32
"Dog the Bounty Hunter" network, and a hint to the theme in this puzzle's four longest answers 108
"Dog the Bounty Hunter" channel 41
"Crime 360" network 29
"City Confidential" network 37
"Biography" network, once 35
"Biography" cable channel 35
"Billy the Exterminator" network 42
"Bates Motel" airer 29
"American Hoggers" channel 36
''Flip This House'' channel 43
''American Justice'' channel 44
Supermarket chain 17
Grocery chain 13
NJ-based supermarket chain 26
U.S. food retailer that reached its peak in the mid-1900s 57
Master Choice marketer 22
Master Choice grocery store 27
Marketer of America's Choice products 41
Largest US grocery chain, circa 1950 36
Kroger competitor 17
John Updike short story where the narrator's name is Sammy 62