Here you will find all Crosswords Clues.

Company behind the popular social network games FarmVille and CityVille 71
Company behind FarmVille and CityVille 38
CityVille maker 15
Hay fever remedy 16
Brand-name allergy drug 23
Brand of allergy medication 27
Antiallergy brand 17
Anti-allergy drug 17
Other half of the decoder ring 30
Tropical insect whose name is the last word in the Official Scrabble Players Dictionary 87
Insect that's the last word in the Scrabble Players Dictionary 66
Destructive tropical American weevil 36
Band with the album "Afterburner" 43
Rocking trio 12
"Sharp Dressed Man" band 34
"Cheap Sunglasses" band 33
'Sharp Dressed Man' band 32
''Legs'' rock trio 34
Trio with notable beards 24
Their only beardless member is Frank Beard 42
The "Little Ol' Band From Texas" 46
Strangely, Frank Beard is its only beardless member 51
Rock group with the hit "Legs" 40
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees from Texas 47
Notably bearded band 20
Longest-running rock trio with the same lineup 46
Last band in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, alphabetically 59
Guitar-spinning group 21
Group with the 1973 album "Tres Hombres" 50
Big-bearded "Legs" band 33
Bearded band 12
Band with the 1984 hit "Legs" 39
Alphabetically last top 40 rock artist 38
Alphabetically last Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees 56
"Velcro Fly" band 27
"TV Dinners" band 27
"Legs" rock trio 26
"Legs" rock band 26
"Legs" band, 1984 27
"Afterburner" band 28
Souvenirs from the Worldwide Texas Tour? 40
"Legs" 16
Alphabetically last entry in the Official Scrabble Players Dictionary 69
What a snorer counts 20
Sounds from Dagwood 19
Sound of sawing logs? 21
Snoring, in comics 18
Interjection that's the last entry in the Official Scrabble Players Dictionary (it requires both blanks) 108
Game of nothing but pop flies and walks? 40
OTC sleep-aid brand introduced in 2012 38
Big name in sleep aids 22
Alternative to Unisom or Nytol 30
Sound heard before an alarm? 28