Here you will find all Crosswords Clues.

Org. that offers motel discounts 32
They'll route for you (abbr.) 33
Org. you can get a charge out of 32
Triplet on a bumper sticker, perhaps 36
They provide rescues and discounts 34
Org. that helps with motel discounts 36
Org. that gets you out of a rut? 32
Org. that gets members reduced motel rates 42
Its first maps were pub. in 1905 32
Where a top MLB prospect might start the season 47
Where a struggling major leaguer may get sent 45
Where a baseball prospect might play 36
Travel High School Challenge sponsor 36
Tower you might call from a cell phone 38
They might give you a jump-start: Abbr. 39
They might give you a jump-start 32
They can help you get started: Abbr. 36
Shoe designation for spindly feet 33
Roadside assistance offerer: Abbr. 34
Org. whose membership costs $52/year 36
Org. that publishes TourBook guides 35
Org. that publishes Horizons magazine 37
Org. that publishes eTourBookSM Guides 38
Org. that offers hotel discounts 32
Org. that offers discounts on eyewear 37
Org. that helps with tow service 32
Org. that can offer bail bonds to motorists 43
Org. that can help you get started 34
Org. headquartered in Heathrow, Florida 39
Org. called by stranded motorists 33
Like some baseball teams and batteries 38
Like baseball's Sacramento Rivercats 40
Like a bond you can buy with security? 38
League the Lehigh Valley IronPigs play in 41
League of the Albuquerque Isotopes 34
Its members often get motel discounts: Abbr. 44
Its members get discounts at PayLess ShoeSource 47
Its employees might have jumper cables: Abbr. 45
It may get you out of a rut: Abbr. 34
Highest of MLB's "minors" 39
Frequent direction givers: Abbr. 32
Designation for some batteries and minor-leaguers 49
Dead battery ... who ya gonna call? 35
Co. that offers discounts to Hard Rock Cafe 43
Cell call recipient, often: Abbr. 33
Battery, bond or baseball club designation 42
Baseball designation one step below Major League 48
Baseball class just below the majors 36
"___ approved" (motel sign) 37
"___ approved" (hotel sign) 37
Battery that's 8.3 millimeters in diameter 46
Letters on a perfect report card 32
Good student's report card quartet 38
Battery found, in a way, in eight puzzle answers 48
"That feels really, really great!" 44
Response to a good massage or some fireworks 44
Like the safest corporate investments 37
W. German city on Belgium's border 38
German city near the Belgian border 35
Cool and Lam detective series pen name 38
"That's the spot!" 32
"That feels wonderful!" 33
''That feels g-o-o-o-d!'' 41
"That's the spot ..." 35
"That makes me happy!" 32
''That's the spot!'' 40
What a doctor might ask you to say 34
Utterance during a tonsil examination 37
"What a relief it is!" 32
"That feels so-o-o good!" 35
"Say ___" (doctor's order) 40
"Say ___" (dentist's request) 43
"Perfect! Right there!" 33
You might say it during a depression 36
Word of contentment and pleasure 32
What to say to a doctor with a tongue depressor 47
Utterance upon entering a hot tub 33
Sound from a weary person sinking into a hot tub 48
Sound from a masseur's client 33
Sound after slaking one's thirst 36
Something often said to dentists 32
“So thatÂ’s what it means!” 38
Response to a doctor's request, perhaps 43
Response during a medical checkup 33
Reaction to a cold drink on a hot day 37
Indication that one is being rubbed the right way 49
"You can do that forever!" 36
"Yeah, that's the spot!" 38
"Up a bit ... higher ... there!" 42
"This is so-o-o relaxing!" 36
"That's the spot..." 34
"That's soooo relaxing!" 38
"That's so pretty!" 33
"That's go-o-o-od" 32
"That feels sooo good!" 33
"That feels goo-oo-ood!" 34
"That feels go-o-o-od" 32
"That feels g-o-o-o-d!" 33
"Say ___" (doctor's request) 42
"Right there ... yes ..." 35