Here you will find all Crosswords Clues.

Org. headquartered in Heathrow, Florida 39
Org. for the stranded 21
Org. for the man in the street? 31
Org. called from the shoulder 29
Org. called by stranded motorists 33
Org. aiding stranded motorists 30
One step from the majors 24
NiCad size 10
MP3-player battery 18
Motorists' grp. 19
Motorists' group 20
Motorists assn. 15
Motorist's rescuer briefly 31
Motorist's gp. 18
Motorist's club 19
Motoring gp. 12
Motor traveler's org. 25
Motor grp. 10
Motor club letters 18
Motel-discount grp. 19
Motel discount org. 19
Motel approver, briefly 23
Moody's top rating 22
Moody's best 16
Minor-league classification 27
Minor-league 12
Minor league designation 24
Map distributing co. 20
Many a laser-pointer battery 28
Low-risk rating 15
Like very narrow shoes 22
Like some highly-rated bonds 28
Like some baseball teams and batteries 38
Like baseball's Sacramento Rivercats 40
Like a great bod 16
Like a good bond 16
Like a bond you can buy with security? 38
Level that a struggling MLB player might be demoted to 54
Level just below the majors 27
Letters on towers 17
Letters on some bumper stickers 31
Letters on a motel sign 23
Letters on a good investment 28
Letters on a bumper sticker 27
League the Lehigh Valley IronPigs play in 41
League of the Albuquerque Isotopes 34
League classification of the Toledo Mud Hens and the Durham Bulls 65
Kind of baseball or battery 27
Ken Griffey Jr. skipped it on his way to the majors 51
Jump provider: Abbr. 20
Itty-bitty battery 18
Its members often get motel discounts: Abbr. 44
Its members get discounts at PayLess ShoeSource 47
Its employees might have jumper cables: Abbr. 45
It's one step from the bigs 31
It's concerned with rtes. 29
It's below the majors 25
It might give you a jump-start 30
It might give you a jump 24
It may give you a jump: Abbr. 29
It may get you out of a rut: Abbr. 34
International League letters 28
Insurance quote provider 24
Hotel guide org. 16
Highest of the minors 21
Highest of MLB's "minors" 39
Highest minor league level 26
Highest minor league 20
Grp. drivers appreciate 23
Gp. with a blue-and-red logo 28
Gp. to call after a stall 25
Gp. for road travelers 22
Frequent direction givers: Abbr. 32
Flat-fixing org. 16
Flashy credit rating 20
Fine rating 11
Fine bond rating 16
Favorable bond rating 21
Excellent debt rating 21
Excellent bond rating 21
Energizer size 14
Energizer or Duracell option 28
Emergency road service org. 27
Drivers' group: Abbr. 25
Drivers' aid, for short 27
Driver's friend in need 27
Driver's club, for short 28
Driver's aid: Abbr. 23
Distress call recipient: Abbr. 30
Directions-giving org. 22
Digital camera battery, often 29
Designation for some batteries and minor-leaguers 49
Dead battery ... who ya gonna call? 35
Coveted rating 15
Company that does tow loops? 28
Common car decal 16
Co. that offers discounts to Hard Rock Cafe 43
Club with maps 14
Classy credit rating 20
Class of baseball 17